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Estate Gifts and Legacy Society


How do I give a gift?

The most common way to give a gift through your estate is through a “bequest” included in your will or trust. A statement in your will or trust should specify WHO is going to receive the funds and WHAT they are going to receive. You have the options of giving a general amount, general percentage or a specific item or items of value. The most common form is as an UNRESTRICTED gift. One where the Order receives the funds with the flexibility of applying them to programs and projects most in need and with timing most appropriate to the need. For such a bequest we have the following sample of how it might appear:

I make the following bequest to be distributed outright to the MIDDLE ATLANTIC LIEUTENANCY OF THE EQUESTRIAN ORDER OF THE HOLY SEPULCHRE OF JERUSALEM, a non-profit voluntary association of the faithful, the funds to be used specifically for needs and support of efforts in the Holy Land.

You will need to provide the actual nature of the bequest that will follow this preamble – again it could be a specific dollar amount, or percentage of your estate or specific items of value (like a house or piece of art).

When making an Estate or Legacy Gift, most every form of funding is welcome:

• Cash
• Stock
• Real Estate
• Other forms of valuable consideration – collections, art objects, etc.