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History of the Middle Atlantic Lieutenancy

Middle Atlantic Grand Priors

His Excellency William E. Lori, KC*HS

Lieutenancy Prior 2011 – to the present

Archbishop of Baltimore

His Excellency Edwin O’Brien, KC*HS

Grand Prior 2007 – 2011

Archbishop of Baltimore

2011, Appointed Pro-Grand Master of the Order, KC*HS

2012, Cardinal Grand Master of the Order, Knight of the Collar



His Eminence William Cardinal Keeler, KGCHS

Grand Prior 2005 – 2007

Archbishop of Baltimore




His Eminence James Cardinal Hickey, KGCHS

Grand Prior 1993 – 2005

Archbishop of Washington


Middle Atlantic Lieutenants

2017 – Present

Her Excellency Valencia Yvonne Camp, DGCHS 

2013 –  2017

His Excellency Michael J. Ruck, Sr., KSG, KGCHS

Lieutenant of Honor


2011 – 2013

His Excellency Ronald G. Precup, KGCHS


2003 – 2011

His Excellency John C. Piunno, KGCHS

Lieutenant of Honor and

Emeritus Member of the Grand Magisterium

1999 – 2003

His Excellency Edmund Pellegrino, KGCHS

Lieutenant of Honor


1993 – 1999

Bernard J. Ficarra, KGCHS

First Lieutenant of the Middle Atlantic Lieutenacy

Lieutenant of Honor